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Computer Skills DiplomaLearning to use Microsoft PowerPoint has never been this simple. Our video tutorials walk you step-by-step through all key PowerPoint features. The video training series begins with the simplest tasks and progresses to more advanced features when you're ready. Whatever you skill level, Easy123 PowerPoint helps you learn all aspects of the program, providing a solid foundation for your future growth.

Create powerful multimedia presentations using Easy123’s step-by-step video tutorial of Microsoft PowerPoint. With this tutorial video, you will begin by learning how to develop and edit a basic slide presentation and quickly progress into adding images and multimedia to create a professional looking PowerPoint deck.

  • PowerPoint Disc 1 focuses on understanding your workspace, toolbars, views, moving between slides, using the content wizard, using templates, adding and deleting slides, headers & footers, backgrounds, working with text and clip art, adding sound and movies, and more.
  • PowerPoint Disc 2 focuses on using drawing tools, creating charts and tables, using links and animations, running presentations, printing and packaging, creating templates and more.

Easy123 CDThere is no need to send back the discs—keep them as a valuable, ongoing reference. Easy123 PowerPoint is not only a great value—it actually quickly pays for itself in increased productivity & business skills. There are no hidden costs. Each Easy123 CD includes unlimited usage. Get the PowerPoint CD mailed to you today!

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Course Outline: PowerPoint Tutorial – Disc 1

Disc 1 - Chapter 1: PowerPoint Basics

  1. Welcome
  2. About Presentations
  3. Getting Started
  4. Menus, Toolbars, Sections
  5. PowerPoint Views
  6. Moving Between Slides
  7. Saving and Exiting
  8. Help Options
  9. Document Recovery

Disc 1 - Chapter 2: Creating New Presentations (Click for details)

  1. Intro. to Creating Presentations
  2. Using the AutoContent Wizard
  3. Pre-Build Presentations
  4. Blank Presentations
  5. Presentation Design
  6. Adding and Deleting Slides

Disc 1 - Chapter 3: Modifying Presentations (Click for details)

  1. Adding and Editing Text
  2. Changing Text Attributes
  3. Master Views
  4. Adding Headers & Footers
  5. Changing the Master
  6. Modifying Backgrounds
  7. Changing Templates

Disc 1 - Chapter 4: Working With Text (Click for details)

  1. The Outline Tab
  2. Typing in the Outline Pane
  3. Promoting and Demoting
  4. Rearranging Text
  5. Collapsing and Expanding
  6. Importing Slides and Text
  7. Creating a Slide Summary
  8. Reapplying the Master Slide
  9. Line Spacing
  10. Setting Tabs
  11. Changing and Removing Bullets
  12. Spell Checking

Disc 1 - Chapter 5: Working With Clip Art (Click for details)

  1. Inserting Clip Art
  2. Moving, Resizing, Nudging, Rotating
  3. The Picture Toolbar
  4. Adjusting Contrast and Brightness
  5. The Crop Tool
  6. Recoloring Pictures
  7. Formatting the Picture
  8. Removing Embedded Information
  9. Selecting, Moving, and Resizing Multiple Objects
  10. Importing Photographs
  11. Transparencies
  12. Adding Sound
  13. Adding Movies

Course Outline: PowerPointTutorial – Disc 2

Disc 2 - Chapter 1: Drawing Tools (Click for details)

  1. The Drawing Toolbar
  2. Basic Shapes
  3. Fills
  4. Line, Dash, and Arrow Styles
  5. Selecting and Grouping
  6. Order of Objects
  7. Text Boxes
  8. Word Art
  9. Word Art Options
  10. Shadow Styles
  11. 3D Styles
  12. AutoShapes - Curves
  13. AutoShapes - Freeform
  14. AutoShapes - Scribble
  15. AutoShapes - Connector Lines
  16. Other AutoShapes
  17. Charts and Diagrams

Disc 2 - Chapter 2: Charts and Tables (Click for details)

  1. Creating a Chart
  2. Chart Types
  3. Formatting Chart Area
  4. Formatting Data Series
  5. Formatting Individual Entities
  6. Editing the Datasheet
  7. Inserting an Excel Chart
  8. Inserting a Table
  9. Creating Charts and Tables from the Toolbar
  10. Organization Charts

Disc 2 - Chapter 3: Links and Animation (Click for details)

  1. Adding Action Buttons
  2. Editing Action Buttons
  3. Adding Actions to Objects
  4. Linking to the Internet
  5. Custom Animation
  6. Animating Charts

Disc 2 - Chapter 4: Running Presentations (Click for details)

  1. Slide Sorter Options
  2. Slide Transitions
  3. Animation Screens
  4. Rehearse Timings
  5. Recording Sound
  6. Custom Shows
  7. Setting Up the Show
  8. Pack and Go

Disc 2 - Chapter 5: Printing and Packaging (Click for details)

  1. Preparing and Printing Speaker Notes
  2. Printing Presentations

Disc 2 - Chapter 6: Putting It All Together (Click for details)

  1. Create a Design Template
  2. Outline Your Presentation
  3. Use the Master View
  4. Add charts and Tables
  5. Add Pictures
  6. Set Up Your Show
  7. Running the Show
  8. The End

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